Do You Need Restorative Dentistry?

Question About Time for Restorative TreatmentDid you skip your dental checkups last year, or spend the holidays binging on sugar? Do you struggle to drink enough water everyday, or take medications that leave you suffering from chronic dry mouth? During a busy season of travel, did you overlook your daily dental hygiene, skipping out on flossing and occasionally going to bed without brushing your teeth? If so, you may find that you’re now suffering from dental discomfort. There are actually a number of reasons a person might find himself struggling with a dental problem, some related to lifestyle and hygiene, and some simply due to genetics. Fortunately, a restorative dentist can always help improve a smile. And the sooner you seek help, the more likely the dentist can do so with a minimally invasive treatment plan. So if you think you’ve developed a cavity or other dental dilemma, now is a wonderful time to schedule an appointment. That way you can restore your smile’s health, and move forward with the renewed confidence that comes from knowing you have a great smile!

Cavities Are Common, But Treatment Is Often Simple

By far, one of the most common of dental problems for both children and adults, is a cavity. If you have recently developed a dental cavity, your general dentist may be able to diagnose and even address this condition during a checkup and cleaning. For instance, if the cavity is not highly progressed, your dentist may recommend a simple dental filling or even a beautiful and protective porcelain crown to keep the fragile tooth safe from further decay or even an infection.

On the other hand, if the cavity has already progressed to the point of an infection, you may require more extensive root canal treatment in order to save the tooth. Otherwise, you risk losing the tooth altogether, which would then require a prosthetic option of some sort, such as a partial denture or a pontic, a fake tooth.