Month: May 2021

Restoring Your Smile With An Implant

implant and orthodontic model for student to learning teaching model showing teeth.

Your dental routine is intended to provide lifelong care, with protections spanning several areas to help keep your smile safe. Treatment such as fluoride and other options aim to provide a boost of strength where it is needed most, and taking care to visit our office once every six months for a routine checkup helps… Read more »

Additional Protection For Younger Smiles

Little smiling girl with red curly hair sitting on chair and looking at camera, while holding x-ray scan image of her teeth on digital tablet together with her cheerful black female dentist at clinic.

Taking care of your smile can become much more involved than previously expected. After all, the list of factors impacting your health far exceeds the list of positive influencers, and as such, your preventive dental routine must be well-equipped to take on these threats. Indeed, the earlier one starts the better, and encouraging proper care… Read more »

What Your Sore or Tired Jaw Means

Alarm clock ringing.Woman waking up in early morning for work.Sleeping disorder.Tired woman oversleeping,bad sleep quality.Sleep deprived mom.Waking inertia,bad mood after dreaming nightmares.Insomnia

With so many factors influencing the health of your smile and the strength of your teeth, it should not be surprising that there are a number of non-traditional threats as well. What’s more, some concerns can even transcend your oral health and impact your overall health and function without the assistance of proper treatment to… Read more »

Extracting a Compromised Tooth

Dental instrunemt for tooth extraction

Your oral health is comprised of a number of factors, including those that affect your smile cosmetically, functionally, and structurally. Indeed, while these circumstances all contain their own unique problems that are addressed, your oral health is the main factor impacted at the end of the day. While no dentist wants you to lose your… Read more »