Month: June 2021

Cosmetically Addressing Dental Chips And Cracks

Chipped piece of a dead pulp tooth. Restoration of a damaged tooth in dentistry, defect in tooth enamel, thin tooth walls. Macro, treatment

It goes without saying that caring for your smile is much more involved than one might initially expect, as there are countless factors that pose a threat to its integrity. What’s more? You could be taking every step possible to ensure a perfect grin, yet a random accident can cause a range of damage. Indeed,… Read more »

Your Diet’s Impact On Your Smile

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Taking care of your smile is a lifelong process, as there are countless threats out there that significantly impact your oral health. Indeed, dental decay is among the most common, affecting millions of individuals every year. Even still, it is not the only issue that may plague your grin, and factors as simple as what… Read more »

When Dental Fillings Can Be Shade-Matched

Dentist doing dental filling tooth in dentist office

It goes without saying that dental decay is among the most common oral health issues out there, affecting millions of people every year. What’s more? It exists on a spectrum, meaning there are varying degrees of the concern that only get worse the longer it goes on. Because of this, our team encourages you to… Read more »

Treatment For Varying Levels Of Decay

Tooth decay anatomy poster. Enamel and dentin of teeth caries Infection. Vector illustration

Taking care of your smile means much more than just brushing your teeth. In fact, it actually includes a well-rounded preventive routine aimed at prioritizing the health of your teeth, gums, and more. Indeed, there are a myriad of threats and complications that can hinder your chances of maintaining a lifelong smile, and dental decay… Read more »

Don’t Let Your Periodontal Health Suffer!

Professional doctor dentist examine and treat spoiled teeth with the use of special dental instruments, medical equipments.

When it comes to maintaining a lifelong smile, preventive dentistry is the key. In fact, prevention plays a major role in strengthening and protecting your oral structures. A common misconception that many people possess, however, involves the notion that teeth are the only important aspects of oral health. Contrary to this belief, however, your health… Read more »