Month: January 2015

What Is Tori?

Have you ever heard of tori? No, it is not the girl who lives next door or down the street. Well, it may be, but not in this case. In this case tori is a dental term. Tori is plural for torus. A torus is a slow-growing, harmless growth of bone. Tori vary in size…. Read more »

TMJ Dysfunction

  Do you have TMJ dysfunction? Are you wondering what TMJ is? TMJ stands for temporomanibular joints.  You have a temporomanibular joint on either side of your face. By putting your fingers on each side of your face in front of your ears and opening your mouth you can feel them. They are sliding joints… Read more »

No Dental Insurance? Read This!

If you’ve recently retired you probably lost the dental insurance coverage you had through your job. On top of that Medicare Part A and Part B and Medicare supplemental policies don’t offer coverage for preventive dental care. So what do you do? Seniors often have a unique set of dental problems due to age, tooth… Read more »

Happy New Year

The New Year brings a fresh start and new beginnings. Did you make a New Year’s resolution? The top two resolutions for 2014 were lose weight and get organized. How many times do New Year’s resolutions include a person’s dental health? It probably wouldn’t be a stretch to say never, but with the connection between… Read more »