Month: July 2016

Could You Look Younger with Cosmetic Dentistry?

Is your high school reunion coming up, quickly? Is the RSVP card still sitting on your kitchen counter, because you have yet to decide whether to attend or not? If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to go spend actual face-to-face time with your oldest friends, could it be because of your… Read more »

Would Your Smile Look Better with Professional Whitening?

Who doesn’t want a bright, white smile? A shining smile can help tell the world that you take great care of yourself, without you having to say a single word. A beautiful smile is also a wonderful way to make both a great first impression, and a lasting impact on the people you encounter! But… Read more »

Dentist-Approved and Smile-Friendly Summer Treats

Do you feel like your kids are going stir-crazy, now that they are home for summer break? Have you already resorted to more trips to the ice cream shop than you care to admit, in an effort to keep them entertained but also to help beat the heat? If so, it is time to consider… Read more »

Why Dentists Care About Bad Breath

Bad breath can be an annoyance…or something more serious. When it is temporary, it may be enough to pop in some sugar free gum or rinse with a minty mouthwash. In cases where bad breath hangs around, or returns quickly after you rinse, gargle or brush, there may be something more troubling at work. Two causes… Read more »