Month: July 2014

The Great Battle Against Gum Disease

Much scientific research has been done on the connection between oral and overall health. In particular, gum disease and heart health are oft thought to be interconnected. Can oral bacteria enter the blood stream through the mouth? If so, can it reach your heart? Studies will certainly need to continue abounding to acquire definitive answers,… Read more »

Quiz on Periodontal Disease and Overall Health

You may already know the effects of periodontal disease (AKA gum disease) on your oral health, but how much do you know about the effects of gum disease on your overall body? Test your knowledge on oral-systemic health with this quiz from your Pella dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Allen. Questions Q1. True or false: For healthy knees, floss… Read more »

Allen Family Dentistry Welcomes Dr. Denise Neumann!

Pella, IA dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Allen, has been happy to provide comprehensive dentistry to area patients of all ages for many years. Today, our entire staff at Allen Family Dentistry would like to officially welcome our newest member of the team, Dr. Denise Neumann. About Dr. Denise E. Neumann, DDS Dr. Denise Neumann was born… Read more »

No Need to Fear the Root Canal

Root canal procedures have a terrible reputation. The idea of a root canal is often synonymous with unpleasantness such as extreme discomfort and extended downtime. If you think you would rather get any other type of dental procedure other than a root canal, you may want to educate yourself on the truth. Root canal treatment… Read more »