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Correcting Misalignment With Invisalign®

Teeth retainer for improving bite. Teeth care. Sensative woman holds teeth retainer. Mobile orthodontic appliance. Close-up of woman holds transparent teeth aligner.

For a number of people, the biggest concern they will ever face when it comes to their smile is the negative effects of harmful oral bacteria, causing common concerns such as decay, infection, and even tooth loss. For others, all preventive care measures can be properly taken, yet minor to major misalignment can cause serious… Read more »

Determining The Right Treatment For A Chipped Tooth

If your tooth is chipped, you can bring several concerns to your dentist. While your primary concern may be with the effect that a noticeable chip has on your smile, you should know that the problem can also potentially affect your bite function and general dental health. Of course, because the degree of damage people… Read more »

Which Cosmetic Option Can Improve Your Smile Best?

You don’t have to be able to precisely define what’s wrong with your smile’s appearance to know that it needs improvement. Cosmetic dental concerns come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and can affect your teeth, gums, and smile in many different ways. The good news, however, is that there’s a cosmetic dental… Read more »

Is Cosmetic Care Something You Should Add To Your Life?

Whether or not you want cosmetic care because you would love to have a smile that you feel so absolutely fantastic about usually isn’t a question that requires a lot of consideration. Most patients can instantly say either yes they want a smile that looks better or no, things are just fine. The bit of… Read more »

When You Can Rely On Veneers “Instead”

When you are approaching our Pella, IA team to find out what you can do for smile improvements, you know that we offer a variety of cosmetic care treatments. You may, as you have a very particular change in mind, also assume that the treatment you have in mind is going to be what we… Read more »

3 Times Traditional Whitening Is Just The Ticket!

You may wonder to yourself: Is traditional teeth whitening going to be the pathway you should take to help you to quickly see beautiful results, while you wave goodbye to your currently discolored smile? Is whitening for you, you ask, or are you supposed to be considering the other cosmetic care options before you determine… Read more »