Month: January 2024

Understanding The Causes Of Sensitive Teeth

Pella, IA, dentist offers treatment for sensitive teeth

Do you notice discomfort when eating or drinking certain things? Hot, cold, or sweet snacks or drinks can cause a sensation of sharp or stinging pain. The team at Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA can help identify the cause of this problem. In today‚Äôs blog, we will explore the potential causes of… Read more »

Keeping Your Gums Healthy

Allen & Neumann is here to help maintain gum health

There is a reason your dentist asks if you floss regularly. Even if you brush your teeth after every meal, leftover food can stick between your teeth. This can cause a buildup of plaque which can lead to cavity-causing bacteria and gingivitis. Pairing proper at-home oral hygiene with regular checkups and cleanings can reduce the… Read more »