Month: September 2020

How Root Canal Treatment Could Save Your Tooth

Treating for most dental health concerns depends on the severity of the problem that needs to be addressed. This is especially true for tooth decay, which is the most frequent chronic oral health problem to occur. Tooth decay describes an infection in your tooth structure that grows progressively worse over time, and the best treatment… Read more »

The Importance of Filling a Cavity Early

When it comes to treating most dental health concerns, the earlier you address it, the better. For example, when you develop a cavity in your tooth, your dentist may recommend filling it with a biocompatible material to stop it from getting worse. If it’s allowed to progress further, however, the tooth decay that causes the… Read more »

Invisalign® for More Comfortable Teeth Straightening

When your teeth are crooked, the need to straighten them is an important one. Not only can the condition impact your smile’s appearance, but their misalignment can also place your teeth at increased risks of several serious concerns. Yet, for some patients, traditional orthodontic braces can seem cumbersome, and they may weigh the need for… Read more »

Could You Have Sleep Apnea and Not Know It?

Sleep apnea isn’t always the kind of problem that’s obvious to the people who experience it. Unfortunately, this often leads to the problem having serious impacts on a person’s overall wellbeing and quality of life before they seek appropriate treatment for it. Today, we examine why it’s possible to have sleep apnea and not know… Read more »