Month: April 2012

Pella Residents: Test Your Dental Knowledge

How well do you know your teeth? Like everything else, we don’t truly appreciate something until it’s gone. Any patient who has experienced tooth loss can tell you how much they miss their teeth. Patients with missing teeth might also tell you how difficult life can be without them. To help our patients better understand… Read more »

Pella Dentist Explains Why You Should Not Ignore Breath

Bad breath is a common condition in the United States. A recent study by the Council of Scientific Affairs suggests that approximately 50 percent of Americans have bad breath. Additionally, half of Americans with bad breath have chronic foul mouth odors, known as halitosis. By understanding the causes of bad breath, you can discover why… Read more »

How Does Toothpaste Work?

Common Toothpaste Ingredients Our ancestors used crushed charcoal, chalk, bricks, and salt as toothpowders. Some cultures relied on chewing sticks and twigs from certain trees. Today we use acrylic-bristled toothbrushes and ADA-approved toothpastes. Oral hygiene products have made much advancement  from the dark days of misguided dental care. The contemporary toothpaste aisle touts many claims… Read more »

A Wild History of the Toothbrush from Your Pella Dentist

Some archaeological evidence suggests chew sticks, twigs, bird feathers, porcupine quills, and animal bones were all used as toothbrushes in some capacity all over the world. In India, many people used twigs from a neem tree to clean their teeth. The twig would be chewed until it was soft and frayed and then used to clean between… Read more »

Top 5 Worst Dental Habits

Skipping the Floss Smoking Snacking on Sugary Foods Clenching Your Teeth Ignoring Your Tongue Prevent Gum Disease by Flossing Dentists have been begging their patients to floss for decades. Why? Because dentists know, flossing prevents tooth decay and gum disease. While brushing your teeth is crucial to maintaining a healthy smile and gums, brushing alone… Read more »