Month: March 2021

Treating Internal Decay

Closeup portrait young woman with sensitive tooth ache crown problem about to cry from pain touching outside mouth with hand isolated grey wall background. Negative emotion facial expression feeling

While nobody wants their smile to become blemished with a variety of noticeable concerns, sometimes threats to your oral health can cause problems below the surface without your knowledge. In fact, decay can spread inside a tooth and essentially rot it from the outside-in, significantly impacting your oral function as well as appearance. In today’s… Read more »

When Your Grin Is Riddled With Blemishes

teeth technician showing some implant samples

For several individuals, the first quality one notices about another includes their smile. Indeed, a healthy and vibrant grin is arguably the closest nonverbal communication to indicating happiness in its purest form, and having a beautiful beam is a goal that many people share. The unfortunate truth of the matter is, however, that there are… Read more »

Is It Time For Your Whitening Treatment?

Honed to perfection. Fabulous woman clothed in red sweater, with curly long hair and elegant hands is holding a mirror for looking through the final work of dental doctor.

It goes without saying that your smile’s function is arguably the most important aspect in keeping up with your oral health. That being said, this doesn’t mean that its appearance must suffer. In fact, advanced dental technology and more make it possible to not only help you restore aspects of your grin, but enhance its… Read more »

Here’s What To Know About Gum Disease

African-American woman suffering from tooth ache on color background

By now you are probably aware of the numerous threats to your oral health, including the effects of decay, sleep apnea, chronic bruxism, and others. What’s more, improper preventive dental care and failing to attend routinely scheduled visits can ultimately lead to your smile’s demise. In today’s blog, your Pella, IA dentist will take a… Read more »

Three Ways Dental Implants Can Address Missing Teeth

woman dentist take implant tooth and touch tooth on the blue background

It goes without saying that preventive dentistry is the name of the game when it comes to ensuring a lifelong smile, and a proper routine can perform wonders. Bear in mind, however, that there are situations in which accidents, dental emergencies, and more occur that result in damage or infection to your teeth. In cases… Read more »