Month: June 2016

A Quiz About Dental Implants

When it comes to your oral health, nothing is as effective and durable as the design nature intended. Therefore, when you lose a tooth, your replacement should mimic your natural tooth structure as closely as possible. There are a number of options for replacing the visible part of your teeth that help restore your mouth’s… Read more »

Know More About Gum Disease

Knowledge is power; especially when it comes to preventing gum disease and other oral health issues. For instance, if you understand how gum disease develops, you can work to neutralize its instigators. If you know the warning signs that indicate gum disease’s development, then you can treat it early, before it has a chance to… Read more »

Summer Suggestions For A Stunning Smile

Here comes the sun and all of the exciting benefits that come with summer! While we are equally excited about all that the warmer weather brings, we are also (of course) ready with some suggestions to make sure your oral health makes it through the rising temperatures without negative consequences. Ready to make the most of… Read more »

Cause And Effect: Preventive Overdose

It is obviously impossible to overdose on your preventive care habits – keeping your smile extremely clean and healthy will always help you avoid common problems like functional disorders (bruxism or TMJ disorder) and hygiene-related issues (like cavities). However, if you begin feeling too intense about prevention, it’s possible to do some harm with all of… Read more »

Veneers: No More Fear

Are you in love with the idea of receiving porcelain veneers for a more beautiful smile – and also slightly terrified because of things your friends have been telling you (or that you have read on the Internet)? If so, it is extremely important that you schedule a cosmetic consultation with our team. We will… Read more »