Veneers: No More Fear

smileperfecteyebrowsAre you in love with the idea of receiving porcelain veneers for a more beautiful smile – and also slightly terrified because of things your friends have been telling you (or that you have read on the Internet)? If so, it is extremely important that you schedule a cosmetic consultation with our team. We will answer your questions and help you determine whether you make a wonderful candidate (or if another path is better). As for the present moment, we encourage you to consider a few reasons veneers are absolutely not something to worry about.

We Remove Minimal Tissue (If Any)

To prepare your teeth for porcelain veneers, we may need to remove a very small amount of your outermost tooth tissue layer, know as enamel. Unfortunately, this causes many patients some concern. Rest assured, when we say “small amount” we measure this in millimeters because it is minuscule – just to ensure the veneer fits with a beautifully flush finish. It is entirely safe, of course, for your oral health.

They Last A Long Time

Agreeing to porcelain veneers means we will bond ceramic casings to your natural tooth tissue. Understandably, patients worry that perhaps this complex choice might not last very long. Good news: Veneers will last for a minimum of several years (think seven or so) and may last upwards of 20.

They Look Natural

Porcelain veneers are incredibly natural and lifelike, which means your smile will look like it’s your own (only with exceptional esthetic improvements). We will customize the color of the porcelain, the shape and dimensions of your improved teeth, and can even fill some spaces. Thanks to the natural quality of porcelain and the thinness of the veneers, your smile will look lovely.