Month: October 2015

Why is Gum Health Important?

Consider the gums. They’re not particularly sexy and most of us take them for granted without ever considering their usefulness. Made up of three distinct parts — the periodontal ligament and the aveolar process, which anchor the teeth within the jaw, and the gingiva, the pink (or sometimes brown) tissue that we think of as… Read more »

Questions about Invisalign? We’ve Got Answers!

A crooked, uneven smile can be a source of serious embarrassment, especially for teens and adults who are concerned about projecting an attractive, intelligent, and professional image. These same appearance-conscious people usually make the best candidates for Invisalign, thanks to its discreet design. Invisalign might just be the right orthodontic solution for your smile, but… Read more »

Dental Fillings: How Do They Work?

Dental fillings are the go-to restoration when a dentist needs to treat small or medium cavities. Since more than 90% percent of American adults have had cavities in one of their permanent teeth, that means a lot of dental fillings are placed every year in the United States. You may even have a few in… Read more »