Month: January 2017

What Is Air Abrasion and Could It Help Your Smile?

Have you ever wondered if there is a better or at least less invasive way to clean the smile, than with the drill often used in dental cleanings? Does dental anxiety make it difficult for you to see the dentist, even for routine checkups and cleanings, much less restorative treatment? If so, have you heard… Read more »

Is It Time for a Smile Update? Consider a Modern Dental Prostheses

Are you tired of looking in the mirror and seeing ill-fitting or obvious dental work, that is neither attractive when smiling or comfortable during meals? Do you wish you could enjoy increased confidence, and comfort, when it comes to your smile? If so, have you considered how a modern dental prostheses could update your smile… Read more »

Enjoy a Straighter Smile with Invisalign Treatment

Have you spent years wishing your parents had invested in braces, for you? Are you worried that there really is no solution now that you’re grown, that is if you don’t want to be the only adult in your office with a smile full of visible metal braces and brackets? If you are hoping to… Read more »

Is It Time to Update My Denture?

Have you had your current set of dentures for several years? Recently, have you noticed your denture seems less comfortable? Are you having problems chewing comfortably because of your prostheses? Many people don’t realize that dentures actually should be replaced every five to ten years. That is because as you age, your jaw can begin… Read more »

When A Tooth Needs Extracting

Tooth extraction is only done as a last resort in dentistry today. The goal is to keep as many of your natural teeth, and as much of your natural tooth structure when a tooth is damaged, as possible. However, sometimes it is simply necessary. If the tooth is threatening your overall oral health and/or your… Read more »