Month: February 2015

Afraid Of Needles? Try Us!

Are you afraid of needles? Ten percent of the population is. It is a phobia called trypanophobia–the fear of needles and injections. According to statistics, at least 20 percent of Americans avoid medical treatment because of their fear of needles. Another 20 percent avoid the dentist because of dental fear and anxiety. At Allen Family… Read more »

Painful Teeth

Pain upon eating or drinking cold substances such as ice cream, or hot foods and beverages such as soup, coffee, or tea is not uncommon, but it is not normal either. You should be able to eat an array of foods at various temperatures without any dental discomfort. If you’re experiencing painful teeth due to… Read more »

What Do Your Teeth Have To Do With Digestion?

Without strong, healthy teeth you cannot eat a variety of foods to keep your body healthy. You chew with your teeth, but the act of chewing also triggers your saliva production and saliva aids your digestion. A variety of different foods provide a variety of vitamins and minerals that keep your body healthy. You need… Read more »

What Is A Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are one of many cosmetic dental procedures. There are crowns, implants, bridges, dental bonding, and more. Crowns are less invasive than implants, but more invasive than dental bonding. Have you ever had a crown? If not, you may know someone who has. It is wise to be educated on dental treatments and procedures… Read more »