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Dental Care For After-Holiday Sickness

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Another year, another Christmastime that has come and gone. This time of the year is full of family get-togethers and travel, and with that can come the contraction of one of the most common winter viruses. The common cold and the flu can knock you flat on your back for a few days. Take care… Read more »

Important Things To Know About Your Dental Visit

Portrait of a dentist who treats teeth of young man patient.

Now more than ever people are attempting to social distance and ensure the health of their families, especially with the holidays just around the corner. What were once usual errands or tasks such as attending appointments and leisure activities are now pushed to the back burner. But when your teeth begin to experience sensitivity or… Read more »

Set Up Your Filling Today For These Reasons

When you see us, you learn you need a dental filling, and then you go home, there are many ways life can unfold from there in regard to your oral health. You might take care of matters instantly, calling us up to schedule your restorative visit, then coming in for the treatment. You might wait… Read more »

Halloween: How To Get Over The Guilt

You feel guilty just thinking about Halloween because, though you truly love this holiday, you also love all of the bad-for-your-smile stuff that comes along with it. As a result, you have a hard time actually enjoying yourself since you can’t stop worrying about your oral health with every bite of candy, every nibble of… Read more »

Electric Toothbrush: Should I Put It On My Holiday List?

Did someone ask you what you wanted for the holiday season this year and you had trouble deciding whether you should choose an electric toothbrush for yourself or not? When it comes to your gift wish list, we are so happy you’re thinking about your oral health! However, we understand your hesitation as it applies… Read more »

Quiz: Personalizing Your Dental Care

Have you ever had a conversation with a friend about her smile only to realize that the dental care you are receiving seems very different from that of this individual? If so, you may have a hard time deciding whether it’s because you’re not getting the care you need, she isn’t getting what she needs,… Read more »