Month: December 2016

Family Resolutions for Brighter Smiles

It’s the end-of-year countdown, and that means New Year’s Resolutions are on the horizon. Are you one of the up to 90% of people who make resolutions, but don’t keep them past the first few weeks? Studies show that broken resolutions are often too large, or not specific enough. Another reason for resolution failure is… Read more »

Can Your Smile Be Cleaned without a Drill?

Are you worried about seeing the dentist, because you know that your teeth are in need of a deep dental cleaning? Many people postpone preventive care, like cleanings, for fear of the “drill.” Fortunately, modern preventive dentistry has made it possible to properly clean teeth, often without the need for invasive measures like a dental… Read more »

Become a Power Couple with Straighter Smiles

Do you and your significant other both shy away from photo ops, because of imperfections in your smiles? Do alignment issues frequently cause the two of you to feel embarrassed, even around friends? Many people don’t realize that traditional braces are no longer the only way to achieve a straighter, more evenly aligned smile. There… Read more »

Are You Suffering from a Dental Emergency?

Has it been weeks since you were able to enjoy a sip of coffee without wincing in pain, or snacking on your favorite sweets without suffering discomfort? If you are experiencing severe pain, it could be due to an infection, like an abscessed teeth. Were you involved in an accident recently, and your smile was… Read more »