Are You Suffering from a Dental Emergency?

Suffering from Dental EmergencyHas it been weeks since you were able to enjoy a sip of coffee without wincing in pain, or snacking on your favorite sweets without suffering discomfort? If you are experiencing severe pain, it could be due to an infection, like an abscessed teeth. Were you involved in an accident recently, and your smile was affected? Whether you can see visible damage, like a chip or a crack, it is important to see a dentist after any trauma to the smile. That is because x-rays are often the best, and sometimes the only, way to determine how much intrinsic damage was created after an accident involving the teeth. There are a number of potential reasons to see the dentist for emergency treatment. Most importantly, you should never ignore dental symptoms, as these are indication that restoration is necessary to restore the oral health and protect the smile.

Decay Can Lead to Worsening Pain and Infection

Over time, simple cavities can progress to the point of allowing infections to form. Tooth infections can create a great deal of pain, but they also allow for bacteria to spread. To prevent this, seek restorative treatment at the first indication of trouble, such as noticeable discoloration that could mean the enamel has been eroded, or heightened sensitivity or discomfort, which frequently occur when the enamel has been compromised.

Don’t Neglect Symptoms of Dental Problems

Many people don’t realize that the teeth are strong, but unable to repair themselves in the same way some parts of the body can, like the skin, for instance. This means that restorative treatment is the best way to address tooth damage, and generally the only way to protect teeth from requiring more extensive treatment, over time, such as root canal therapy to address an infection, or a crown to protect a badly worn or fragile tooth.