Month: September 2018

The Extractions That You Didn’t See Coming!

There are dental extractions you expect. You know that they are coming (or at least have a sneaking suspicion) because you end up with a very badly diseased or damaged tooth. However, there are other instances in which you really need the removal of a permanent tooth but not as the result of damage, poor… Read more »

Helping Your Smile: 3 Things You Don’t Realize We Offer

There are those things you likely already know we offer when it comes to helping you with your smile health. You’re aware that we offer preventive care by having you come in for cleanings and checkups every six months. You know that we can help you when damage or disease arises, such as tooth decay,… Read more »

Fluoride: Shoulds And Shouldn’ts For Your Dental Care

You might have some uncertainty regarding dental care and fluoride use. You know that when we talk with you about the toothpaste and other products you use for effective dental hygiene, one of the items mentioned is toothpaste with fluoride as an ingredient. However, that doesn’t mean your mind isn’t occasionally swirling with related questions… Read more »

3 Reasons to Try Invisalign®

When your teeth are crooked, your first concern may be how they impact your smile’s appearance. Because of that concern, many adult patients aren’t always excited about wearing braces to correct their teeth. Traditionally made from metal brackets and wires, orthodontic braces can even more noticeably affect your smile’s appearance until your treatment is completed…. Read more »