Helping Your Smile: 3 Things You Don’t Realize We Offer

There are those things you likely already know we offer when it comes to helping you with your smile health. You’re aware that we offer preventive care by having you come in for cleanings and checkups every six months. You know that we can help you when damage or disease arises, such as tooth decay, a broken tooth, etc. However, beyond the very obvious preventive and restorative solutions you’re expecting from most practices, did you know we go above and beyond with services that you might not expect? Let our Pella, IA practice discuss a few of them and you just might find yourself pleasantly enlightened!

#1: Help For Sensitive Smiles

It’s true. We offer help for sensitive smiles. This isn’t something you’re going to have to learn to live with for your entire life. Instead, we can minimize discomfort, treat any contributing issues, and help you get on a path that includes comfort throughout daily life. Rather than trying to figure it all out on your own, come in! Our team will offer you the care you need to enjoy wonderful smile health, such as suggestions for your diet, help with damage or disease, and recommendations for desensitizing toothpaste.

#2: Periodontal Disease Care

Before you assume you’re going to have to visit a periodontist, which means adding another doctor into your world, think again: Remember that at our practice, we offer periodontal disease care. We may suggest a deep cleaning (scaling and root planing), we may suggest antibiotics, and we will certainly explain to you how to better care for your smile when you’re at home. As a result, you may not have to visit a specialist if we are able to get your gum health problem under control.

#3: Sleep Apnea Treatment!

Once you’ve gotten your smile health situated, you may realize something else is happening that you need assistance with. If you didn’t already realize we can help you with sleep apnea, now is the time to consider it! Beyond sensitive smiles and serious issues with gum tissue, we can even guide you toward better sleep with sleep apnea treatment. See us soon!

See Us For Every Single Dental Care Thing You Need

Whether it’s sensitive teeth or something else you assume we don’t help with, think again! Schedule a visit with us, so we may guide you toward your best oral health. To learn more, schedule an appointment with your dentist by calling Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA, today at (641) 628-1121.