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The Causes Of Tooth Sensitivity

pella tooth sensitivity

When you have sensitive teeth, this could cause difficulty when you eat or drink, and could mean the presence of serious issues like a decayed or infected tooth. In today’s blog, your Pella, IA, dentist talks about the factors behind your dental sensitivity, how you can ease discomfort, and our treatments for tooth decay.

Dental Care For After-Holiday Sickness

Together Pella, IA

Another year, another Christmastime that has come and gone. This time of the year is full of family get-togethers and travel, and with that can come the contraction of one of the most common winter viruses. The common cold and the flu can knock you flat on your back for a few days. Take care… Read more »

Additional Protection For Younger Smiles

Little smiling girl with red curly hair sitting on chair and looking at camera, while holding x-ray scan image of her teeth on digital tablet together with her cheerful black female dentist at clinic.

Taking care of your smile can become much more involved than previously expected. After all, the list of factors impacting your health far exceeds the list of positive influencers, and as such, your preventive dental routine must be well-equipped to take on these threats. Indeed, the earlier one starts the better, and encouraging proper care… Read more »

Questions About Kids And Dental Care! 

When one of your major life responsibilities is taking care of the oral health and smile development of your child … it’s a task that can either weigh on you and cause you some stress or that you can feel wonderful about and with which you can develop serious confidence. How to attain the latter,… Read more »

Are You And Your Smile Ready For 2020?

Would you say that you’re on a smile care path that will guide you straight into 2020 with a very healthy, beautiful smile? Or, are you not exactly ready at the moment and, to be honest, you’re not sure what you need to take care of before the year is through to get there? Not… Read more »

Halloween Hints For Staying The Smile Course!

There’s a certain way that you approach caring for your smile on a regular basis. If you’re doing quite a good job and you’re able to keep your oral health on track, then what you want is to avoid any obstacles to your usual routine, of course! Then, Halloween shows up and threatens to turn… Read more »