Month: March 2015

Taking Care Of Your Teeth

There is more to taking care of your teeth than brushing, flossing, and visiting your dentist twice a year. You need to take care of your teeth in other ways too. You should eat the right foods such as fresh vegetables like carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. You should avoid the wrong foods such as hard… Read more »

Take Our Quiz: Which Toothpaste Is Right For You?

Toothpaste is toothpaste, or is it? There are so many pastes on the market today shopping for toothpaste can make your head spin. Do you wonder if they do what they claim? Some claim to whiten, some are for sensitive teeth, and others claim to help protect against gum disease. Which toothpaste are you using?… Read more »

A Little Knowledge About Your Wisdom Teeth

Have you ever wondered why your third molars are called wisdom teeth, or why they are so-often the cause of so many dental problems? Unlike your other 28 teeth, the last four molars to erupt are frequently extracted, and since they don’t need replacement, their presence is often a source of confusion for many patients…. Read more »

Quiz: Can a Root Canal Save Your Tooth?

How do you feel when someone says “root canal”? Many people feel nervous about undergoing endodontic treatment. Unfortunately, years of misinformation have given this comfortable and safe procedure a bad reputation. In reality, a root canal can prevent an infection can prevent the loss of a tooth. Can a root canal save your tooth?

Want Good Teeth? Stay Away From These!

Food can affect your teeth for better or worse. That goes for your overall health, too. That’s why you should choose your foods carefully. It is important to eat healthy. Certain foods are good for your teeth while others are not. Foods that are good for your teeth are usually good for your gums, too…. Read more »