Quiz: Can a Root Canal Save Your Tooth?

How do you feel when someone says “root canal”? Many people feel nervous about undergoing endodontic treatment. Unfortunately, years of misinformation have given this comfortable and safe procedure a bad reputation. In reality, a root canal can prevent an infection can prevent the loss of a tooth. Can a root canal save your tooth?

Pella, IA Root Canal Quiz

  1. True or False: A toothache is often a warning sign of a serious problem.
  2. True or False: Without treatment, infections or abscesses can lead to tooth loss.
  3. True or False: We can remove infection with a root canal.
  4. True or False: We place a crown following an endodontic procedure.

Answer Key

  1. True. When your teeth hurt, then they may be experiencing the affects of decay or possibly infection. If the discomfort persists for more than 48 hours, then you should see a professional right away. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing the tooth entirely.
  2. True. An infection begins once bacteria reach the inner pulp. When this occurs, the pulp can eventually die. At this stage, the tooth will require extraction to avoid infection from reaching surrounding teeth and the jawbone itself.
  3. True. The procedure begins with the doctor administering local anesthetic. At this point, we open the tooth to remove the infected tissue. The tooth and root canals will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. A restorative filling will be added to the tooth. Despite rumors to the contrary, many people feel this procedure is comparable to a filling placement.
  4. True. To complete the procedure and ensure your tooth looks natural we will place a dental crown. Made from porcelain or other similar lifelike materials, the crown will protect the remaining structure and prevent further decay. If you have any questions about endodontic treatment please contact our office today.

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