Month: March 2018

Sensitivity Toothpaste: 3 Things To Consider!

There’s nothing quite like the sensation of sensitive teeth. One second, you’re enjoying yourself and the next second, it feels like every nerve in your tooth is highly aggravated! You may close your eyes, cup your face, take a deep breath, and wait for it to stop. If it’s something that affects you consistently, then… Read more »

TMJ Treatment: Working For, Not Against It

When you take the time to come in to see us about your TMJ disorder and then receive TMJ treatment, you are doing exactly what we suggest of our patients. Choosing care for your jaw joints is always the smartest choice because preventing damage (that can easily happen in the future and for which you… Read more »

Swollen Gums: A Couple Reasons You’re Seeing Them

You may catch a glimpse of your smile in a passing reflection or as you’re staring at your smile when you brush and floss. If you don’t see what you usually see, which is hopefully flat, light pink gum tissue, then you may wonder why you’re seeing swollen tissue. Why are swollen gums suddenly a… Read more »

It’s Time To Love Your Floss Again!

If you don’t love your dental floss, particularly if there was a time in your life when you didn’t really have a problem with floss (or, maybe you even loved your floss), well … it’s time to love it again! How to force yourself to feel wonderfully toward this essential dental hygiene product when you… Read more »