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Exploring Your Tooth Replacement Options

Pella, IA, dentist offers tooth replacement options like bridges, dentures, and implants

Tooth loss can happen due to accidents, injuries, and health conditions. No matter how it has occurred, it’s important to treat tooth loss as soon as possible. When this problem is ignored, it can cause a change in your ability to chew, speak, and may lower your self-confidence. The team at Allen and Neumann Family… Read more »

Things You Might Not Know Could Relate to Tooth Loss

When you experience tooth loss, you might be surprised to learn its cause. If you thought that tooth loss was just a natural part of the aging process, for example, then it might surprise you to learn that you lost a tooth because of an underlying oral health concern. For example, the most common cause… Read more »

What Could Raise Your Risks of Tooth Loss?

For people who haven’t experienced tooth loss, the threat of it may seem more serious to some than to others. That’s because some consider tooth loss an inevitable concern they’ll have to deal with, while others may believe that it could never happen to them. The truth is that losing one or more of your… Read more »

How Do Dental Crowns Prevent Tooth Loss?

Dental crowns aren’t the most common type of tooth restoration, but they’re recommended more frequently than many others. That’s largely due to their ability to address a wide range of tooth concerns, and these days, modern crowns can be designed to closely mimic any healthy, natural, and unique tooth structure. However, besides their versatility and… Read more »

How Losing a Tooth Affects Your Oral Health

The problem with losing a tooth is that the implications of the loss can have many more consequences than you realize. Like most other dental health concerns, those that arise from the loss of a tooth will continue to grow worse the longer they’re left unaddressed. Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer the long-term effects… Read more »

The Important Facts About Your Tooth Loss

Tooth loss is something that everyone should be concerned about preventing, or dealing with, but it isn’t something that has to be devastating to your oral health. These days, you have several options for addressing the common conditions that lead to tooth loss, and for treating tooth loss if it does occur in a way… Read more »