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Do Your Teeth Feel Increasingly More Sensitive?

Sensitive teeth are most often a warning sign of something potentially serious developing with your oral health. However, when teeth first become sensitive, it’s often a minor feeling that, while uncomfortable, may not seem like a serious concern. When the sensitivity is ignored, the cause behind it can have time to grow worse, and as… Read more »

What’s Making Your Teeth Sensitive?

Causing Sensitive Teeth

Under normal circumstances, your teeth shouldn’t feel sensitive. In fact, when strong and healthy, they shouldn’t feel anything except the pressure of biting and chewing. If your teeth start to feel sensitive, the reason may be something more serious than the slight sensitivity suggests. That’s why it’s important to understand what’s making your teeth sensitive… Read more »

Boost Your Chances of Avoiding a Chronic Toothache

If you’ve ever had a toothache, then the memory of it may be enough for you to want to avoid ever having to deal with another one. For patients who experience one, a severe toothache can be one of the most extreme forms of discomfort, enough to make them miss school or work to visit… Read more »

Are Your Teeth Sensitive? It’s Important to Know Why

Your teeth are meant to handle a lot without any complaint, so when they start to grow sensitive, it’s natural to worry. In fact, sensitive teeth are a common sign of many different dental health concerns, and ignoring them could lead to more serious concerns with your teeth and more. While some home remedies, like… Read more »

Smile Sensitivity: 4 Essential Next Steps

It doesn’t sound too terrible when you’re just talking about it but when you are actually the one experiencing smile sensitivity, it’s quite a big deal! Even one little area that’s feeling extra sensitive can send your nerves into a tailspin, as you feel zings that cause you to wince. Rather than try to convince… Read more »

Ways To Handle Smile Sensitivity

If you deal with smile sensitivity and you do nothing, chances are quite good that your sensitivity will remain the same or that it will become even more intense. Since you need to use your smile every day for communication and also to survive (you have to eat!), addressing any type of discomfort or pain… Read more »