Month: February 2018

What Does Family Dentistry Include?

You know how to keep your family’s oral health on track at home. This includes making sure everyone is brushing, everyone is flossing, nobody is sneaking candy or snacks before bedtime, and it means keeping dental hygiene products stocked! What you might not know beyond that, however, is all that you can expect from family… Read more »

Wisdom Teeth: Should They Stay Or Go?

You may not know very much about your wisdom teeth, which can make the following question you ask yourself that much more confusing: Do I need wisdom teeth removal or not? What you will find is that this depends wholly on your unique smile, your oral health, your needs, and your preferences. Ready for a… Read more »

Simple Smile Tools You’ve Forgotten About

As you get older, it’s easy to forget about those very basic details you started with as a child that helped guide you through successful dental care at home. Instead, you may find yourself a bit more drawn to the flashy, fancy, and advanced products and approaches to dental hygiene that you can find out… Read more »

Whitening: Getting Started Is Easy

If you’re ready for a smile that delights, rather than one that you feel unhappy about when you see it, then you’re ready for cosmetic care. If the issue at hand is a dingy, darkened, or yellowed smile, then you are likely a good candidate for teeth whitening. Wondering how you can go from being… Read more »