Treating Cavities With White Fillings

When you have a cavity, this could not only cause a toothache, but also lead to the risk of infection or even a lost tooth! Which is why a filling is so crucial for your oral health. Fortunately, we can offer white fillings that look natural! In today’s blog, your Pella, IA, dentist talks about how we create and place our natural-looking white fillings.

The First Signs of Tooth Decay

How do you know you have a cavity? On your own, you may not know until your tooth begins to feel sensitive during meal time, or when you develop a toothache that doesn’t subside after a day or two, and instead could grow more severe. If you attend your regular six-month visits, then we will likely identify your cavity in the early stages, often before you experience discomfort. But once your tooth is in pain, this could mean the presence of a severe cavity, one that could become an infection without immediate attention, so don’t delay!

Composite Resin

While metal fillings, such as amalgam, are effective, they also contain trace amounts of mercury and may not be safe for all patients. They also don’t blend with your smile and tend to stand out. But we offer white fillings made from composite resin, a unique blend of glass-like and acrylic-like materials, which can be shaded to blend with your smile. The material is also safe for all ages. In fact, we often use the same material in our cosmetic bonding procedures to mask esthetic imperfections with the color and shade of your teeth.

Placing Your White Restorations

Our team will first carefully examine the tooth with digital x-rays to assess the position and severity of the decay. We then numb the tooth to keep you comfortable, so we can then remove the decay and clean the area. The prepared material is then applied in multiple layers. As we shape and sculpt the tooth, the composite resin is cured beneath a special light. The last step is to polish the tooth thoroughly, so it will be bright and attractive. The entire process only takes one visit to complete, and we could discuss better oral hygiene and snack habits at home to lower your risk of future cavities. You should also see our team for a checkup and cleaning visit once every six months moving forward.

If you have any questions about how we prepare and place our white fillings, then contact our team today to learn more.


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