Treating Dental Decay With Composite Resin Fillings

Cavities are one of the most common dental problems that patients in the United States face. Nearly all people will have at least one cavity in their lifetime. If this happens to you, it is important to have it treated as soon as possible with a filling. This restoration can prevent the decay from worsening and causing you discomfort. At Allen and Neumann in Pella, IA, we use composite resin to create a natural-looking, durable filling with many benefits. In today’s blog, we are here to discuss the benefits of this material.

It Will Not Change The Appearance Of Your Smile

When it comes to fillings, there are many material options available. Some practices may choose to use gold, porcelain, amalgam (silver colored), or other options. We use composite resin because of the many advantages it has over other materials. Esthetically, this offers an invisible way to restore your tooth. Unlike metal, composite resin can be made to match the color of your smile. No matter where the filling has been done, you will not have to worry about others noticing.

This Material Is Durable And Versatile

In the past, the material used for your restoration would depend on where the tooth was located. Back molars, for instance, would often need amalgam fillings due to their durability. Unfortunately, though, amalgam is silver in color and can be noticeable. This material may also change if temperatures fluctuate, which could make it uncomfortable to eat or drink certain things.

In contrast, composite resin can be used on any tooth structure. It can also be added on to later if it wears down over time. These simple repairs can save you time and money from needing to repeat the process.

The Process Is Made Easy

Another advantage of composite resin is that it can bond directly to the tooth. When the decayed part is removed from the tooth, the material can then be added without needing to remove an extra area.

A cavity can be spotted during your biannual checkup, or you may notice it before then. If you begin to notice a change in the texture of your tooth, sensitivity, or discoloration, you have decay. At your next appointment, your dentist can confirm this and schedule an appointment for a filling. By having this restoration done promptly, you can reduce the chances of needing more invasive dental work down the line. If the cavity is ignored, it will continue to progress. You may need to have root canal therapy performed if the decay continues.

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