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The Role of Root Canal Treatment in Saving Your Tooth

There are many different types of conditions that could potentially threaten your oral health, but tooth decay is the most common one. As the cause behind cavity development, tooth decay can progress through several stages, eventually becoming a severe threat to your oral health if not treated effectively. The role of root canal treatment is… Read more »

How to Stop a Cavity from Causing More Damage

The bad news about cavities is that they’re common for patients of all ages, and they can cause significant damage to your healthy tooth structure from the moment they develop. Fortunately, cavities can be stopped early, and often in a highly convenient manner, with the help of a tooth-colored filling. For many patients who experience… Read more »

What Everyone Should Know About Preventing Tooth Decay

Cavities are the most recognizable concern that can develop with your teeth. Not only do most people recognize the term, but they also recognize many of the symptoms as being related to cavities and the tooth decay that causes them. For example, if you develop a toothache, then your first worry may be if it’s… Read more »

Need a Dental Crown? Here’s What to Remember

Restoring teeth with dental crowns is one of the oldest forms of restorative dentistry, and it’s one that remains a popular way to address several different types of dental health concerns. From fixing and restoring a damaged tooth to fortifying one that’s undergone root canal therapy, and much more, today’s dental crowns can do more… Read more »

When Tooth Decay Is So Serious You Need Root Canal Therapy

When you think of tooth decay and cavities, you may automatically think of tooth fillings. While fillings are a common treatment for moderate cavities, tooth decay can often become much more serious than you expect. All it needs is time to progress. In cases of more severe tooth decay, a tooth filling won’t be enough… Read more »

A Look at What Makes a Tooth-Colored Filling

If you’ve ever had a cavity, then chances are you’ve dealt with it by receiving a filling to restore your tooth. In fact, cavities are so common that you may know exactly what a filling is even if you’ve never needed one. However, despite being common, today’s tooth fillings can often do more than people… Read more »