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Need a Dental Crown? Here’s What to Remember

Restoring teeth with dental crowns is one of the oldest forms of restorative dentistry, and it’s one that remains a popular way to address several different types of dental health concerns. From fixing and restoring a damaged tooth to fortifying one that’s undergone root canal therapy, and much more, today’s dental crowns can do more… Read more »

When Tooth Decay Is So Serious You Need Root Canal Therapy

When you think of tooth decay and cavities, you may automatically think of tooth fillings. While fillings are a common treatment for moderate cavities, tooth decay can often become much more serious than you expect. All it needs is time to progress. In cases of more severe tooth decay, a tooth filling won’t be enough… Read more »

A Look at What Makes a Tooth-Colored Filling

If you’ve ever had a cavity, then chances are you’ve dealt with it by receiving a filling to restore your tooth. In fact, cavities are so common that you may know exactly what a filling is even if you’ve never needed one. However, despite being common, today’s tooth fillings can often do more than people… Read more »

3 Ways to Deal with Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is common enough that most people will experience it at least once in their lives. However, it’s also highly preventable, and you can increase your chances of avoiding it or preventing it from developing more than once with the right level of dental care. At our Pella, IA, dental office, we can help… Read more »

Restorative Dentistry: Examples Of When You Need It

There are times when you will most definitely need restorative dentistry. If you’re thinking to yourself, “I know this! It’s something I’ll need if my oral health requires a repair!” then you’re on the right track, of course. However, are you familiar with just what those repairs might entail and the type of problems that… Read more »

Cracked Teeth: 3 Reasons You Need Us ASAP 

There’s something you really need to know about a cracked tooth: It’s something that requires immediate attention from our Pella, IA team. So, while you may find yourself occasionally dragging your feet with certain oral health concerns, this is not one of the times to assume that time is on your side. Well, what’s the… Read more »