Month: June 2015

Quiz: Which Teeth Whitening Treatment is Best?

Teeth whitening can correct teeth stains and discolorations to beautify your smile and boost your confidence. Even the straightest teeth yellow and become discolored, especially as you age, if you drink staining beverages like red wine and coffee regularly, and if you use tobacco products. Teeth whitening is an easy, affordable, and accessible solution to… Read more »

How Common is Gum Disease?

Gum disease is a serious dental condition that can result in more than just swollen, tender gums. As it advances, gum diseases puts you at risk for receding gums, teeth loss, and worst of all, bone loss. How common is gum disease? Here is the staggering statistic: 80% of American adults have gum disease. This… Read more »

Which Cosmetic Dentistry Option is Best for You?

If you could change anything about your smile, what would it be? Maybe you’d prefer to have whiter teeth, to close up gaps between teeth, or to have a perfect movie star smile. Thanks to cosmetic dentistry, you don’t have to settle and live with the smile imperfections that made you self-conscious. Teeth whitening, invisible… Read more »

Root Canal? Don't Fear Root Canal Therapy

Do you hear the phrase “root canal” and recoil in fear? Don’t! There’s no need to cringe at the anticipation of a painful procedure, as is often implied in popular culture, because root canal therapy is nothing to be scared of, and it’s not painful. Thanks to modern dentistry practices, you won’t feel pain or… Read more »