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Is It Time To Extract That Compromised Tooth?

Close up picture mouth with dental problems showing missing tooth. concept Dental health care. Hygiene teeth. Dentistry

Many adults suffer from a number of dental concerns every year. From TMJ disorder and jaw dysfunction to periodontal disease and even decay, dental concerns are a natural occurrence. While most of them can be easily addressed if acted on early, a number of individuals wait until it is too late before seeking help, ultimately… Read more »

The Extractions That You Didn’t See Coming!

There are dental extractions you expect. You know that they are coming (or at least have a sneaking suspicion) because you end up with a very badly diseased or damaged tooth. However, there are other instances in which you really need the removal of a permanent tooth but not as the result of damage, poor… Read more »

Wisdom Teeth: Should They Stay Or Go?

You may not know very much about your wisdom teeth, which can make the following question you ask yourself that much more confusing: Do I need wisdom teeth removal or not? What you will find is that this depends wholly on your unique smile, your oral health, your needs, and your preferences. Ready for a… Read more »

Q&A: Do I Need A New Tooth?

Why is there an open space in your smile? Did you lose a tooth due to trauma? Did you have a dental extraction performed on a wisdom tooth? Maybe you had one performed on a very diseased tooth or one that was the casualty of periodontal disease. As you have noticed, there is a diverse… Read more »

Dental Extraction: The Stuff You’re Dying To Ask

When you find out that a dental extraction is the best solution for your oral health, you might cringe for a moment. Of course, you’re happy to solve the problem with the necessary treatment, so your smile is healthy again. However, when you’ve got questions for which you have no answers and you really want… Read more »

That Troublesome Tooth!

If you have had trouble with the eruption of any of your wisdom teeth you may remember having that troublesome tooth or teeth. Wisdom teeth are often troublesome and often need extracting. If there is not enough room on your dental ridge to accommodate these late bloomers (they erupt last and usually between the ages… Read more »