Month: August 2012

Facts About Saliva

When considering oral health, the condition of the teeth, gums, and tongue are usually what pops into your head.  Saliva serves an important oral function, but few consider it when they think about overall dental health. Many people are unaware that saliva not only supports the health of the mouth, but also the entire body.

Back to School and Back to Brushing!

Monday August 20th will bring the first day of school for Pella students, as well as the re-establishment of rigid morning routines in many households. In the summertime, students become accustomed to sleeping in, having fun, and irregularity in their daily routine. Back to school, in contrast, means back to waking early, eating a healthy… Read more »

Signs You Should Visit Your Pella Dentist

Even the most conscientious dental patients – people who visit their dentist every six months and follow oral hygiene guidelines religiously – can overlook symptoms that seem benign to them. Warning signs like a painful twinge in a tooth, or seemingly minor bleeding from the gums, can be dismissed as unimportant. However, they could be signs… Read more »