Month: December 2017

Enjoy Dedicated Professional Support During Prosthetic Work

Modern prosthetic dental work can have an amazing effect on your smile, and your dental functions. Dental implants have made it possible to keep your restoration permanently secure, which can make them more comfortable, and more effective at biting and chewing. Using implants can even prevent problems with jawbone deterioration, a condition that can result… Read more »

2 Ways Your Toothbrush Doesn’t Like To Travel

Didn’t think your toothbrush had a personality all its own, including preferences for travel? Well, you’re right about that. It is, after all, an inanimate object. However, pretend for a moment that your brush could speak to you and let you know all about how it is best brought along on trips (you know, such… Read more »

See Our Team To Close Spaces

We meet some patients who are fond of the small gap between their two front teeth. Then, we meet patients who have never been pleased about their gap. We also see tiny spaces that patients find annoying, as well as all over spacing. If you aren’t pleased with the way your smile looks (and more)… Read more »

Pain And Inflammation Questions

When you think about damage or problems with your oral health, two common symptoms that come up are pain and inflammation. However, even though you recognize these symptoms can be a sign of serious issues associated with your teeth and gums, you may not know how to respond to them. Is it sometimes normal to… Read more »