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Oral Health Problems Associated With Halitosis

When you have halitosis, which is another way of saying that you’re dealing with chronic bad breath, you may assume you just need to brush better. In some instances, if you’re fortunate and your oral health is still safe, then it’s absolutely possible you’re right! However, it’s also possible that in addition to the fact… Read more »

Breath Protection: Keeping It Fresh Instead Of Bad

One of the things that helps you feel confident when speaking with other people (often in very close proximity) is knowing your breath smells okay. When you’re worried that it doesn’t, it can quickly cause you to feel like shrinking violet. Then, of course, if you know anything about oral health and what bad breath… Read more »

Why Dentists Care About Bad Breath

Bad breath can be an annoyance…or something more serious. When it is temporary, it may be enough to pop in some sugar free gum or rinse with a minty mouthwash. In cases where bad breath hangs around, or returns quickly after you rinse, gargle or brush, there may be something more troubling at work. Two causes… Read more »

Why Does My Baby Have Bad Breath?

Children and babies seldom have bad breath. But you still should practice proper oral hygiene with them. You should begin practicing oral hygiene with your newborn just a few days after birth, and of course continue until they are old enough to do it properly themselves. Although it is a rare occurrence, even with proper… Read more »

The Merry Month Of May And Bad Breath

If you’ve seen the movie Camelot, you may remember the celebration of May Day–May 1st. Although we are past May Day, the month of May used to be synonymous with dating and romance. You might wonder how they kept their breath fresh back in medieval times. The fact is, although they probably didn’t know exactly… Read more »

Pella Dentist Will Teach You About Your Tongue

You are probably well aware that your tongue helps you taste food, talk correctly, and you may have even heard that it’s the strongest muscle in your body. However, we sometimes forget about our tongues unless we accidentally bite them, burn them, or get some sort of sore on them. Tongues tend to heal swiftly… Read more »