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A Brief Look at Why Having Gum Disease Is Serious

When it’s allowed to become severe, gum disease can be the most serious thing to impact your smile and oral health. In fact, severe gum disease is the most common cause of adult tooth loss, despite the fact that it’s also one of the most preventable oral health concerns. One of the reasons why gum… Read more »

Common Signs of Gum Disease Development

One of the most common signs that something is wrong with your oral health is the development of a toothache. In fact, toothaches and sensitivity are so common that many people take them as the only warning sign that matters. However, there are many oral health concerns, including gum disease, that don’t produce aching in… Read more »

Promoting Optimal Periodontal Health For 2020

If you’ve recently begun to learn more about your periodontal health, then you may have a growing appreciation for the fact that protecting it is very important for your smile’s future! You are likely also realizing that keeping your periodontal tissues safe is actually extremely easy to do, assuming you choose to follow through with… Read more »

Gingivitis: Confusion And Clarification!

When it comes down to it, gingivitis isn’t the clearest of oral diseases to figure out. You won’t necessarily simply wake up one morning with a completely obvious sign that you’re dealing with gum disease and that you need to see our Pella, IA team immediately. You may also be somewhat fuzzy on the particulars… Read more »

Gum Recession: What You Need To Change About Your Care

You might already know that gum disease can harm your smile because you’ll end up with inflamed and possibly even infected tissue. However, you may not know what we mean at first glance when we discuss gum recession. To begin with the basics, let’s review: This is another way of referring to the fact that… Read more »

Reasons You Shouldn’t Feel Scared Off By Periodontal Care!

We know that particularly if you have never required any type of care specifically for your periodontal health before, finding out that we recommend periodontal treatment for your smile can feel somewhat startling. You may even begin to feel scared off by the notion of it, particularly if you read unreliable information online or talk… Read more »