Month: November 2015

Could You Have Gum Disease?

Have you noticed your gums bleeding when you floss? Do you think this is because of the flossing, and that the best way to stop the bleeding is to quit flossing altogether? Do parts of your gums look discolored? Does your breath stink even after brushing? If you’ve noticed dark red, bleeding or inflamed gums,… Read more »

Your Preventive Dentist’s Tips for a Dynamite Smile: Part Two

Great smiles begin at home, with excellent dental hygiene and a well-balanced diet. But they don’t end there. On the contrary, smiles also need regular dental visits, to make sure there aren’t any threats to their beauty or health. Taking wonderful care of your smile through brushing and flossing is a great first step on… Read more »

How Does Take Home Teeth Whitening Work?

A bright smile can be a source of confidence and help you make a great first impression. However, over time our teeth often become dull as a result of discoloration. In order to remove these stains and improve the appearance of your smile you may need teeth whitening. How does take home teeth whitening work?… Read more »

Your Preventive Dentist’s Tips for a Dynamite Smile: Part One

A beautiful smile starts with healthy teeth and gums, yet many people overlook great dental care, and are preoccupied only with keeping their teeth bright and white. The problem is that even a lovely smile will not stay that way for long if it is not cared for properly. Preventive dental care is crucial if… Read more »