How Does Take Home Teeth Whitening Work?

allenteethwhiteningA bright smile can be a source of confidence and help you make a great first impression. However, over time our teeth often become dull as a result of discoloration. In order to remove these stains and improve the appearance of your smile you may need teeth whitening. How does take home teeth whitening work? Can this address all forms of discoloration?

Frequently Asked Questions About Teeth Whitening

Question: What causes teeth stains?

Answer: A variety of factors can lead to discoloration, including age, smoking, and consuming drinks with dark pigments, such as coffee, soda, tea, and red wine. Before recommending treatment we will first examine your teeth to find out the cause of your stains and to assess the severity of discoloration. From there, we can decide whether you need take home whitening or possibly veneers.

Question: How does take home whitening work?

Answer: First, we take impressions to create a set of trays. We then prescribe a powerful bleaching agent. The patient takes the trays home and fills them with gel, wearing them each day for a set amount of time. Optimal results take about a week to ten days. You can then keep the trays so you can brighten your smile later on the future.

Question: What if the discoloration is permanent?

Answer: In some cases, damage or tetracycline use can cause stains that form below the surface, not on the enamel. These are known as intrinsic or permanent teeth stains. Take home treatments may not address these stains. Instead, we can mask the discoloration with a restoration, such as dental veneers.

Question: Can I prevent further stains?

Answer: Yes. You can help decrease the appearance or severity of stains with proper dental maintenance. You should brush and floss your teeth daily and have them professionally cleaned once every six months.