Month: May 2016

3 Things That Only Seem Too Good To Be True

Have you ever felt extremely interested in a dental care treatment only to give up on it before you performed any research? What caused this moment of immense hesitation? If you’re like many patients, your cold feet may have been the result of thinking the treatment was simply too good to be true! Good news:… Read more »

3 Tips For Keeping Up With Dental Care

Do you find that keeping up with your dental care is one of the biggest challenges of your life? This may have something to do with the fact that there are multiple things to remember as far as your oral health is concerned. First, you need to keep your bathroom supplied with dental hygiene necessities…. Read more »

Q&A: Dental Checkup Confusion

When it comes time to schedule a dental checkup, are you certain that you should contact us? Or, do you experience some trepidation because you aren’t quite sure about when you should be visiting us or when you shouldn’t? Perhaps you have just seen us for an exam but think something has gone wrong with… Read more »

Quiz: Tooth Sensitivity

Are you dealing with tooth sensitivity but you are not sure what to do about making your smile feel better? Perhaps a significant portion of your uncertainty stems from the fact that you don’t really know why your teeth are feeling so uncomfortable. Good news: We can provide you with a wealth of information, identify… Read more »