3 Tips For Keeping Up With Dental Care

tipshelpfullightbulbDo you find that keeping up with your dental care is one of the biggest challenges of your life? This may have something to do with the fact that there are multiple things to remember as far as your oral health is concerned. First, you need to keep your bathroom supplied with dental hygiene necessities. Then, you need to remember to actually brush and floss. Of course, there are also your two visits every year for checkups and cleanings to schedule. Good news: We have a few tips for helping you keep it all straight.

Tip #1: Stock Up For The Year

Do you feel like every time you turn around, you’re running out of toothpaste? Perhaps someone keeps accidentally using your toothbrush, leaving you forced to skip a brushing session essential to your oral health. A helpful tip for avoiding problems in the hygiene products department follows: Stock up for the entire year or simply keep backups on hand. Drop your toothbrush into the toilet brush holder? No problem if you have an extra toothbrush!

Tip #2: Schedule Visits On Memorable Dates

If you have the worst time remembering that you have an upcoming dental visit, this isn’t great for your oral health. It’s also extremely frustrating if you mean well but simply forget about them. A wonderful way to remember visits is to schedule them on memorable dates every year (you’ll want to do this ahead of time to make sure you secure your time slot). For instance, maybe you can easily remember January 30 and June 30. Easy.

Tip #3: Write Everything Down

Write it down in your paper planner, your old palm pilot you still use, in your Google calendar, on your tablet, or in your cell phone calendar. Just make a record of your scheduled visit somewhere, so you receive the reminder.