Month: October 2017

Dental Visit Quiz: Tick Tock!

When you’re picking up the phone to contact us to schedule your dental visit, do you have some solid ideas in your mind regarding the best times to plan your checkups and cleanings? Or, when we ask you “morning or afternoon?” and other time-related questions, are you at a complete loss? If you haven’t taken… Read more »

Electric Toothbrush: Should I Put It On My Holiday List?

Did someone ask you what you wanted for the holiday season this year and you had trouble deciding whether you should choose an electric toothbrush for yourself or not? When it comes to your gift wish list, we are so happy you’re thinking about your oral health! However, we understand your hesitation as it applies… Read more »

Q&A: Do I Need A New Tooth?

Why is there an open space in your smile? Did you lose a tooth due to trauma? Did you have a dental extraction performed on a wisdom tooth? Maybe you had one performed on a very diseased tooth or one that was the casualty of periodontal disease. As you have noticed, there is a diverse… Read more »

Halloween: Keep These (Non-Candy) Treats Around!

Your kids are likely already going cuckoo for candy, now that Halloween is making its annual arrival. While just about everyone loves to chow down on something sweet at the end of the month, not every mom and dad wants to offer kids a never-ending stream of sugar-filled goodies that encourage oral health concerns. So,… Read more »

Dental Crowns: Times That They Come In Handy!

When you need a dental crown and you discover that we offer natural-looking prosthetics, you will likely feel extraordinary relief! Not only can you fix any existing damage but you can also look forward to a beautifully repaired grin. While this may sound very reassuring to you, there may be a part of you that… Read more »