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FAQ: Dental Anxiety And Fear

Allen And Neumann Dental Staff is here to ease your dental anxiety

More than 30% of people in the United States have a fear of seeing the dentist, also known as dentophobia. The staff at Allen and Neumann Family Dentistry Pella, IA, are aware of the many anxieties that can be associated with this fear and are here to help you. In today’s blog, we are here… Read more »

Smile Tips for Happy Travel

‘Tis the season of travel to family and friends, and the talented doctors at your Pella, IA family dentist want to make sure your smile care stays strong at home and when you are away. In the excitement of packing a suitcase, dashing for a plane, or giving last minute instructions to the pet sitter,… Read more »

Smile Care Questions That Start With “When”  

There are different types of questions that will crop up over the years, when you’re providing smile care for yourself. Sometimes, they’ll begin with the word “what.” For instance, you’ll ask what should I use to brush with or what is happening with my gums? You may end up with “who” questions, “how” questions, and… Read more »

Gingivitis: Confusion And Clarification!

When it comes down to it, gingivitis isn’t the clearest of oral diseases to figure out. You won’t necessarily simply wake up one morning with a completely obvious sign that you’re dealing with gum disease and that you need to see our Pella, IA team immediately. You may also be somewhat fuzzy on the particulars… Read more »

Calcium For Your Smile Health: When You Don’t Do Dairy

When we encounter patients who cannot consume dairy or who lead vegan lifestyles, one of the key questions that pops up in regard to smile health includes: How am I going to get enough calcium? While it may seem complex at first glance, the truth is that drinking a tall glass of cow’s milk, eating… Read more »

Holiday Time: It Can Be A Real Nail Biter!

When we work our way closer and closer to Christmas and holiday celebrations, all of those things merry and bright that let us feel cozy are still there, of course! However, the final details, the stress, the planning, and more begin to come into much clearer focus! The holiday season can become a real “nail… Read more »