Holiday Time: It Can Be A Real Nail Biter!

When we work our way closer and closer to Christmas and holiday celebrations, all of those things merry and bright that let us feel cozy are still there, of course! However, the final details, the stress, the planning, and more begin to come into much clearer focus! The holiday season can become a real “nail biter!” While this figurative term, meaning the whole experience can cause some serious tension, may be quite fitting for you thus far, our Pella, IA team reminds you that you shouldn’t let this drive you to literal nail biting! Why not, you ask? Well, because it can be really bad for oral health (and your complete health, too!). Find out more about why this is the case.

You’re Nibbling On Germs During Flu Season!

You might think that your fingers are clean. Or, you may be so used to nail biting that you don’t even think about it while you’re doing it. No matter the reason you are risking your oral health and overall health by nibbling your nails, one thing is always true: The germs under your nails and on your hands will walk their way right into your mouth, which means you are exposing your system to lots of different things! Unfortunately, when you bite your nails during the holidays, that might include the flu! So, we suggest that you stop biting!

You’re Placing Further Stress On Teeth

The holidays may already be causing you some smile stress if you are someone who tends to become tense during this time of year (especially if you grind or clench your teeth to any degree). Add nail biting into the mix and wow! You may develop some seriously sensitive teeth. Do your best to avoid this oral health issue by trying to keep your nails out of your mouth. In addition: See us soon! We can always help with sensitivity issues.

You’re Adding More Tension To Jaw Joints!

Remember that tension and stress we just talked about due to, well, tension and stress? In addition to taking a toll on your teeth, it can also negatively affect your jaw joints (known as your TMJs). When you bite your fingernails, you require your jaw joints to tense up and to wiggle back and forth, thereby causing more stress and fatigue. You don’t want this to happen! Protect your holidays, your oral health, and more by skipping the nail biting (and by seeing us if you ever notice your jaws feel tired or uncomfortable).

See Us For Teeth And Jaw Joint Care!

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