Month: November 2012

Pella General Dentist: Keeping a Kissable Mouth

When the weather grows cold, many people look for someone to help keep them warm. Perhaps that warmth might lead to a kiss. This time of year also provides ample opportunities for patients to ask dates to holiday parties and work functions. Before you start asking for dates from everyone in sight, we recommend that… Read more »

Pella Family Dentist: Cranberries Benefit Teeth

The time for giving thanks sneaks into existence this week. Although time rapidly burned away in 2012, new research might make the whole year worthwhile. Now begins the time when families travel miles and miles to see old friends and relatives to share in a holiday feast. A study from the University of Rochester indicates… Read more »

Pella Dentist on How Moms Influence Children’s Oral Health

Around the world, mothers typically take responsibility for researching and selecting their family’s healthcare and dental providers. In many cases, mothers innately want to care for and nurture their children. Recent studies suggest that maternal instincts play a large role in determining the oral health of their children. Your Pella family dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Allen,… Read more »

Pella Family Dentist Discusses Diabetes and Oral Health

As November continues rolling on, the smell of oven-roasted turkeys and the sounds of holiday music will soon arrive. November also brings about American Diabetes Month. Many people remain unaware that diabetic patients experience increased oral health risks over the general population. Your Pella family dentist, Dr. Jeffrey F. Allen, discusses American Diabetes Month and… Read more »