Month: July 2020

What Does Personalized Dental Care Look Like?

The same oral health guidelines apply to everyone, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone needs the same exact treatment. Cavities may seem to be a constant threat for some individuals, while others don’t struggle with them at all. While the care that you give your teeth and gums affects their overall health, your genetics… Read more »

Things You Might Not Know Could Relate to Tooth Loss

When you experience tooth loss, you might be surprised to learn its cause. If you thought that tooth loss was just a natural part of the aging process, for example, then it might surprise you to learn that you lost a tooth because of an underlying oral health concern. For example, the most common cause… Read more »

When a Dental Crown Is the Appropriate Solution

Traditional dental crowns have been around for centuries, and their basic design hasn’t changed much. For example, dental crowns have always been designed to replicate and restore the visible crown portion of your tooth, which is also called its crown, making it an excellent option for addressing a wide range of tooth concerns. Today’s dental… Read more »

The Truth About Modern Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy isn’t as common a treatment as tooth fillings because it’s designed to address more serious levels of tooth decay. Since many people seek treatment for their cavities early due to the discomfort they cause, they often avoid ever needing root canal therapy to save their teeth. However, when root canal therapy is… Read more »

Why Your Tooth Prefers a Tooth-Colored Filling

The development of a cavity is something that most people will have to deal with at least once in their lives. Fortunately, dealing with a cavity isn’t usually difficult, and for many patients, the fillings placed in their teeth remain so discreet that no one else notices them. However, tooth-colored fillings are popular for more… Read more »