The Truth About Modern Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy isn’t as common a treatment as tooth fillings because it’s designed to address more serious levels of tooth decay. Since many people seek treatment for their cavities early due to the discomfort they cause, they often avoid ever needing root canal therapy to save their teeth. However, when root canal therapy is recommended, it means that your tooth is already severely compromised by tooth decay. The only way to save it may be by removing the infected tissues inside of it and sealing the inner tooth chamber and root canal to restore it.

What the procedure is designed for

The biggest difference between root canal therapy and a tooth filling procedure is the extent of decay that each is meant to address. For mild to moderate cases of tooth decay, when the cavity is still located only in the tooth’s main structure, a filling can often restore the tooth in a minimally invasive manner. With root canal therapy, the process of removing the infection from your tooth is more complex because the infection itself has impacted much more of your tooth’s structure. Also, the infection in your tooth’s nerves and tissues can require removing them, as well, and a tooth filling won’t suffice to fill the space inside of your tooth.

When it’s the preferable treatment for decay

The more complex nature of root canal therapy compared to a more conservative tooth filling procedure is a major reason why some people hesitate to undergo the treatment. However, despite the process being more involved, root canal therapy is highly preferable when tooth decay has been present for a long time, or when a previously placed tooth filling fails and the cavity is once again exposed to harmful oral bacteria. Your dentist will thoroughly examine your tooth and diagnose the extent of your tooth decay before recommending root canal therapy to address it.

Why it’s vital to saving your tooth

Unless your tooth has been fractured and the pulp tissues directly exposed to oral bacteria, the likely reason why you need root canal therapy is because your tooth’s decay has been allowed to progressively get worse. When it reaches the inner pulp and root canal of your tooth, it can continue to progress until you proactively remove it. This makes it essential to seek treatment for the tooth as soon as possible, especially if your dentist has recommended root canal therapy as the best option for saving the tooth.

Learn more about modern root canal therapy

If your dentist recommends it, then root canal therapy could be the most important step in saving your tooth from extreme tooth decay. To learn more, schedule an appointment by calling Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry in Pella, IA, today at (641) 628-1121.