Month: January 2021

Is It Time To Extract That Compromised Tooth?

Close up picture mouth with dental problems showing missing tooth. concept Dental health care. Hygiene teeth. Dentistry

Many adults suffer from a number of dental concerns every year. From TMJ disorder and jaw dysfunction to periodontal disease and even decay, dental concerns are a natural occurrence. While most of them can be easily addressed if acted on early, a number of individuals wait until it is too late before seeking help, ultimately… Read more »

Your Jaw Pain May Be Indicative Of A Disorder

Everyone knows that when it comes to your oral health, some of the biggest concerns out there consist of decay, infection, and ultimately tooth loss. But did you know that a severe bite dysfunction can arise from something as simple as grinding your teeth at night? What’s more, your overall function is impacted as well… Read more »

Addressing Your Dental Anxiety

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It goes without saying that many individuals and families are aware that preventive dental care – both at home and at the dentist’s office – is necessary to maintaining a lifelong grin. For some, however, the thought of extensive treatment or procedures may warrant a sense of dread, causing anxiety and, in some cases, even… Read more »

When a Root Canal Can Save Your Smile

Tooth decay is one of the more common dental concerns out there, affecting many people yearly. Minor instances can usually be addressed with a restorative filling procedure, however, when cavities and decay progress past a certain point, it can seem like extraction is the only solution to saving your oral health. In today’s blog, your… Read more »