When a Root Canal Can Save Your Smile

Tooth decay is one of the more common dental concerns out there, affecting many people yearly. Minor instances can usually be addressed with a restorative filling procedure, however, when cavities and decay progress past a certain point, it can seem like extraction is the only solution to saving your oral health. In today’s blog, your Pella, IA dentist looks at the progression of decay, including how it spreads to the inner workings of your teeth, and how a root canal procedure may be able to save your grin before it becomes too late.

Removing Internal Decay

When oral bacteria nestle in the crevices of teeth where it is difficult to clean, they begin to thrive on sugars and other harmful substances consumed and cause damage to your teeth by secreting harmful acids. If left untreated, this can cause structural weakening, wear, and breakage that results in creating a hole. Typically, this can be addressed with a filling, in which your dentist will thoroughly remove the decayed portions of the structure and fill the opening with a tooth-colored composite resin. In more serious cases, however, the level of damage done is so significant that your filling restoration may fail, warranting a more extensive treatment such as a root canal procedure.

When you attend your visit, your dentist will carefully clean and remove the infected inner pulp of a tooth that has been affected. After thoroughly removing the damage, we will fill the hollow canals with a dental material meant to add reinforcement in protecting the natural structure from further infection. Because the procedure is more extensive than a regular filling, your dentist will cap off the structure to protect it while it begins to heal.

Preserving Your Smile

One of the major concerns that many have when it comes to threats to oral health is the last resort of having to lose a tooth. Indeed, a gap in a grin can cause many issues, including cosmetic, functional, and other concerns. What’s more, you will need to go through more treatment to have the tooth replaced, as leaving it unoccupied will only cause more concern down the line. To prevent this, a root canal treatment may be the best option for your case and the only one that allows you to preserve your natural teeth. For more information, contact our office today.

Protecting from Reinfection

At Allen & Neumann Family Dentistry, our top concern is your smile, and we will do everything we can to preserve your natural smile. After all, once a tooth is lost as an adult, it will not come back. To learn more or to schedule your visit with our Pella, IA office, contact our team by calling 641-628-1121 today.