Month: August 2020

Do Your Teeth Feel Increasingly More Sensitive?

Sensitive teeth are most often a warning sign of something potentially serious developing with your oral health. However, when teeth first become sensitive, it’s often a minor feeling that, while uncomfortable, may not seem like a serious concern. When the sensitivity is ignored, the cause behind it can have time to grow worse, and as… Read more »

Understanding Your TMJ Disorder Better

TMJ disorder isn’t as common as some of the conditions that affect most people’s smiles. For example, things like tooth decay and gum disease can affect a majority of people at least once in their lives, to some degree. The reason they’re so common is because they develop from the accumulation of oral bacteria, which… Read more »

Gingivitis – Why It’s Presence Means More than You Think

Gingivitis is one of the most frequent problems to develop with adults’ smiles, but at first, it doesn’t always seem like a significant concern. Gingivitis is an infection that develops in your gums when excessive amounts of oral bacteria accumulate on your gums and work their way underneath it. This leads to a progression of… Read more »

Determining The Right Treatment For A Chipped Tooth

If your tooth is chipped, you can bring several concerns to your dentist. While your primary concern may be with the effect that a noticeable chip has on your smile, you should know that the problem can also potentially affect your bite function and general dental health. Of course, because the degree of damage people… Read more »